AWS Certificate Manager rolling out to new regions

AWS Certificate Manager

Previously you would need buy your SSL certificates outside of AWS and then convert them to the format for AWS and then upload to your ELB. Life is much easier now with AWS Certficate Manager that provides this service along with the cetificates for free! How cool is that?

The service has been rolled out to most regions so you may get a question on it in the exam.

AWS Certificate Manager is a service that lets you easily provision, manage, and deploy Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates for use with AWS services. SSL/TLS certificates are used to secure network communications and establish the identity of websites over the Internet. AWS Certificate Manager removes the time-consuming manual process of purchasing, uploading, and renewing SSL/TLS certificates. With AWS Certificate Manager, you can quickly request a certificate, deploy it on AWS resources such as Elastic Load Balancers or Amazon CloudFront distributions, and let AWS Certificate Manager handle certificate renewals. SSL/TLS certificates provisioned through AWS Certificate Manager are free. You pay only for the AWS resources you create to run your application.

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