What a month in AWS!

It is certainly hard keeping up with AWS releases! Here are some of the highlights:

Amazon RDS Cross-Account Snapshot Sharing.

Watch out for this one on the certification exam!
Regular database snapshots have always been a part of any good AWS administrator’s routine. Now the service is even better with the ability to share snapshots across different accounts.
Organisations should have multiple separate linked accounts for a number of reasons; security, separation from production environments, cost visibility etc. Now you can take snapshots of your production environment and copy to a development account for testing without any risk.

EC2 Run Command.

Watch out for this one on the certification exam!
This new feature will help you to administer your instances (no matter how many you have) in a manner that is both easy and secure.
This greatly increases security by allowing commands to be run remotely using the console without having to login through a bastion host.

EC2 Spot Blocks

Watch out for this one on the certification exam!
Now you can create spot instances that run for a fixed period of time from 1 to 6 hours.

MariaDB on AWS RDS

Watch out for this one on the certification exam!
We now have another database in the RDS suite. MariaDB is a fork from MySQL and can provide some additional capabilities.

AWS WAF - Web Application Firewall

Watch out for this one on the certification exam!
Another tool in your AWS security arsenal. Deploy custom and application-specific rules in minutes that block common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.


Amazon Inspector – Released in preview

Amazon Inspector is an automated security assessment service. This allows you to inspect your applications for a range of security vulnerabilities.

Amazon Kinesis Firehose

Load streaming data quickly and easily into Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift to enable real time analytics.

Amazon QuickSight. Status – Released in preview

Amazon’s new Business Intelligence tools for analysis of data from Amazon EMR, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. QuickSight utilises SPICE (Super Fast In-Memory Calculation Engine) to return results from large datasets in rapid time.

AWS IoT – Released in beta

AWS IoT (Internet of Things) provide cloud services for embedded devices. Tiny devices can use AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon Machine Learning, and Amazon DynamoDB etc to provide powerful capabilities for many applications.
Many embedded processor suppliers including Intel, Microchip PIC, TI, BeagleBone, Avnet, Marvell, MediaTek, Renesas, Dragonboard and Seeeduino provide starter kits to get you started.

AWS Mobile Hub – Released in beta

This service streamlines the process of creating mobile IOS and Android apps that use AWS services.

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