DynamoDB now supports CloudTrail logging

API calls to DynamoDB can now be logged with CloudTrail. 
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The services supported by CloudTrail currently are:

Administration and Security
  • AWS Identity and Access Management 
  • AWS CloudTrail 
  • Amazon CloudWatch 
  • AWS Key Management Service 
  • AWS Security Token Service 
  • AWS CloudHSM 
  • AWS Config 
  • AWS Directory Service 
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce 
  • Amazon Kinesis 
  • AWS Data Pipeline 
Application Services
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service 
  • Amazon Simple Workflow Service 
  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder 
  • Amazon CloudSearch 
  • Amazon Simple Email Service 
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2
  • Auto Scaling 
  • Elastic Load Balancing 
  • Amazon EC2 Container Service 
  • AWS Lambda 
  • Amazon Relational Database Service 
  • Amazon ElastiCache 
  • Amazon Redshift 
  • Amazon DynamoDB 
Deployment and Management
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • AWS OpsWorks 
  • AWS CloudFormation 
  • AWS CodeDeploy 
Enterprise Applications
  • Amazon WorkDocs
  • Amazon WorkSpaces
Mobile Services
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  • AWS Direct Connect 
  • Amazon Route 53
Storage and Content Delivery

  • AWS Storage Gateway 
  • Amazon Glacier 
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store  
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